All You Need Is Love?



Greetings, CASA supporters!

What a fun Valentine’s Day this has been so far! I dropped my daughter off at school and into a sea of red and pink outfits this morning, and I know there is chocolate in my future when we get home tonight.

And you know my motto: Any day with chocolate is a good day!

I got to thinking this morning about love. Specifically, the love our CASA volunteers have for the kids we serve. Our advocates give so generously of their time and talents to make children’s lives better – all because they care so deeply.

When you get involved in child welfare, it’s easy to believe that children who have experienced trauma just need to be loved; that love is all they need to heal.

I wish with all my heart that this were true.

The truth is, it takes much more than love alone to heal the trauma that children experience when they come into foster care. Love is part of the equation, to be sure, but they also need patience, structure, guidance, role models and, yes, often therapy to overcome the challenges they’ve faced at such a young age.

The bottom line is that abused and neglected children need as many dedicated, caring adults in their lives as possible in order to have the best chance at a positive future.

If you feel passionate about helping children and are interested in possibly being a CASA volunteer, please visit or call us at (903) 675-7070.

What better day to show your love for these kiddos than on Valentine’s Day?!

Emily Heglund

Executive Director