Volunteer Appreciation 2020

"Of course, the best part of this job is working with the kiddos, but the next best part is the volunteers. They are the most caring, inventive, and generous people I know. They think of their children before they do themselves! Being a volunteer is very time consuming and there aren't always great outcomes to a case, but the volunteers make that child feel special and let them know that they may not always give them what they want, but do always make sure that they have everything they need. Our volunteers ROCK!" --Lee Brown




"The best part of my job is working with the volunteers. I have so much respect for their passion and dedication to the children they serve." --Penny LaPlant





"The thing I like most about working with our volunteers is witnessing the selflessness that they display. The time and effort that they put into their cases and the relationship they build with the children and everyone involved in the case is awe inspiring. I also really enjoy getting to know each volunteer. They are all so unique and have such diverse backgrounds and experiences."  --Donna Ezell




"I love working with my volunteers because they give their all to these kids. Several of my volunteers have full-time jobs or volunteer as a first responder, and the fact that they work cases in addition to their already full schedule is simply amazing. When you volunteer for a cause, whether it be to raise money or awareness, it really does call for special people. Our volunteers pour their heart and soul into these cases and you can really see the difference they make. We have kids who come from heartbreaking situations and backgrounds, and our volunteers are sometimes the one consistency they have. I love it when my volunteers tell me about how their kiddo's birthday party was, or how wonderful it was to be at their baptism. Our volunteers provide these kids with something every child should have: hope. Hope that everything is going to be ok regardless of what happens, and hope that they can become whatever they set their hearts on."  --Jessica Neill


"I love working with my CASA volunteers! They have such an incredible heart and passion for the children that they advocate for. To say that they go the extra mile is an understatement!   Not only are they fierce advocates for our kids in the foster system, but I've witnessed them  stay involved in that child's life long after the case comes to a close.  I am so thankful for each and every one of our volunteers and their amazing dedication to the children they serve!"  --Angela Raiborn




"I enjoy most working with my volunteers because they have such open, kind and willing hearts.  They get so involved with the children and want to make a difference in their lives."  --Donna E. Parks




"I love working with our volunteers because their compassion and integrity are inspiring.  It takes a special person to volunteer to work in the darkness and pain, where our children live, and extend the hand of hope.  Our volunteers are a joy, and I treasure them both professionally and personally." --Kim Johnson