A Note from the Executive Director


Thank you for visiting the website for CASA of Trinity Valley, where our extraordinary volunteers are continually seeking safe, permanent homes for children who have suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of their caregivers. Our advocates are the lifeblood of our program, and we absolutely could not operate without them.

In spring 2012, I was climbing the ladder in the journalism field and loving my work. I had just become the editor of a twice-weekly newspaper in beautiful coastal Georgia when I was asked to join the board of directors for the local CASA chapter — a question that changed the course of my life. In short, I agreed to join the board, fell in love with CASA and its mission, served as a volunteer advocate and foster parent, and ultimately decided I wanted to work full time with these amazing children and advocates.

In summer 2016, I was blessed to get the chance to serve as executive director of CASA of Trinity Valley. I truly feel that I am where I’m supposed to be: helping our volunteers fight to get abused and neglected children out of an overburdened child welfare system and into safe, permanent homes.

If you have ever considered becoming a CASA volunteer, please call or email me to discuss how you might be able to help a child in need. All children deserve the safety and security of a loving home — some just need a little help getting there.


Emily Heglund, Executive Director